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Whether your assets are modest or you have a high net worth, a comprehensive estate plan will make the transfer of your assets to your loved ones as seamless as possible. Proper estate planning strategies will keep your personal business out of the public eye by avoiding the probate court process. It will assure that your property is distributed exactly the way you want it distributed after your death.

Your estate plan can spell out who would be the guardian of minor children should you die before they reach adulthood. Your plan can also assure that the property that children inherit will will be managed for them by someone you trust until they are a certain age determined by you.

Estate planning also addresses who will take care of your personal business for you should you become disabled and unable to take care of matters for yourself. You may want a trust to hold title to your property and manage the distribution of your property after your death. Properly drawn and executed documents can save you from a probate court guardianship. You can appoint someone you trust to make health care decisions should you be unable to make decisions for yourself. And you can have control of your own end of life decisions.

Why Estate Planning?: Why Estate Planning


We have been preparing Estate Planning Documents, representing clients through the probate process and engaging planning strategies for clients for over thirty years.

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